Thursday, 30 August 2012

I am bewildered

It is 2 am in the morning,
I just ended a conversation with myself,
I put the clock four hours back so i may go back,
I am going back to the love and time,
When they say love is blind,
And when someone hugged you blindly,
Without even realising our opposite attraction,
I am wild,
I am nervous,
I was hugged by the travelers, of time and moments,

Bewildered I am,

There came the swings of drift,
I lack your memory that makes me realise,
It is late and I am alone with my sweet silence,
It is humming her beauty,
But she runs away with a gentleman who buys her garden,
Time collapses and misleads, ruining love,
And nature is corrupted with me,

I am bewildered
And I may be a poet of this century
Who is f*cking his life for nothing.

It is 3am in the morning,
And time passes when I write poems,
My poetry, my thoughts at night,
A thought that carries and feelings that are amazing,

I wish to pass my life, my mortal life,
A lie of regretting and repenting,
Or a dream coming true to the true lovers,
And the believers of an eternal shrine,
There are so many to learn, to know,
Like the mountains of Shinobi,
Or islands of many countries, many amicable things,
But what is there to know more than life?
Will you be born again?

I wish to lose my life,
Writing and losing my soul in the woods,
Not to the words that are not me.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

And Traitor I Become

Nobody believes a true happiness exists,
It is in those mountains and rivers
In those humid forest greens
Foster the sanctuary of animals like them
They growl and howl of happiness
Not knowing them, mortals not living thousands
And I lived there below the yellow sky
I sail a Sunday everyday, knowing it is someday
And I have killed a tiger for my breakfast
It wounded me till my heart's still,
And I cried for the death as I tucked it on a rope
And traitor they called me.
As I took refuge in this nuisance world
Now I have to kill all the living things,
And the last blood drops of them will make me a traitor
I don't speak love nor hate nor am I a fighter of this century
People, stop killing me and my lousy mind,
I am worried about your home that they burnt
While your love ones dreaming of a happy life
I wore the mask of a traitor, and moneyed eye you have become
I stop thinking about happiness
As life is ambiguous of fragrance
And traitor I become with my endless thoughts,
I killed another soul lately
I drank her blood and she rot completely
Time goes by,
Here, was no one there
I have left no mercy of this world
No happiness to a hungry man
I believe in an angry old man
Now I cut my hands and legs
I ate them', I passed my days in hunger
I killed myself and the dirt covered me the next day
Yield another seed from my rotten body
It was mixed with soil,
And they called me, the Maker
The life preserver; God, they worshiped my rot
And traitor I become as the time lapses
For the new world I have made.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Some Haiku I share with Da Naoboi :)

Oja guru na
Chei yeppaga takpikhi
Achumba wakhal

Koipai pairare
Thajadaba mi oiba
Manglan mangphaonei

Aranba touba
Shahing chaba hingchaba
Achumbana joi

Saatlakpa leirang
Heipal leipal mera tha
Fajaba drishya

Chatsi koirusi
Loktak maikei panglak o
thamchet hek ushi

Maalangi shafu
Korou thaja fajaba
Takpi tambiyo

Chetna semase
Ram na sita pharak a
Nangi mi kana?

Aki Amamba
Sana leibak kangleipak
Nakentha leibak

Pallepam khangda
Mangkhradara punsise?
Mateng panglase